Mini Facelift and Mini Cosmetic Procedures Take a Less Aggressive Approach

Mini Facelift and Mini Cosmetic Procedures Take a Less Aggressive Approach in Plastic Surgery

For a less invasive approach to a face lift, a mini facelift procedure can be an excellent alternative to a full face lift. A great cosmetic surgery solution to soften deep creases between the nose and mouth, or nasolabial folds, tighten loose neck skin, and open the eye area up, mini face lift procedure tighten the skin as well as lower layers below the skin, known as the Sub Muscular Aponeurotic System. Mini facelifts address sagging jowls and loose skin on the face and neck.

A mini facelift is more conservative than other facelift procedures. Cosmetic surgery has evolved and developed, and surgeons have found that more moderate facelift techniques such as a mini face lift are as effective and lasting as more aggressive means of facelift procedures.

With a shorter recovery period than other facelifts, mini facelifts combine the use of local anesthesia along with small, strategically placed incisions to lift the upper and lower layers of the face. Incisions are placed in front of and behind the ears, which helps excess skin or sagging skin in the neck area become tightened. However, some patients need a more aggressive approach than a mini-procedure to achieve their desired results if their aging is more advanced.

Recovery is quick and relatively painless, and many mini facelift patients return to social activities and work in a week or two. Different patients experience varying degrees of post-operative swelling and bruising, and typically at the most, two weeks is enough recovery time. Ideal candidates for mini procedures are those who have moderate to advanced signs of aging visible in the face.