Fraxel Laser Treatment Reduces Scarring, Discoloration and Wrinkles

January 20, 2010 – Dr. Barr

How Fraxel Laser Treatment Reduces Scarring? West Palm Beach, FL

For those who are experiencing signs of aging but don’t feel a facelift or mini facelift are the necessary route to take for desired results, Fraxel laser treatment is the perfect treatment to repair sun-damaged and scarred skin. This treatment works spot-by-spot and requires a minimal amount of downtime by promoting fast and natural healing.

Fraxel® laser treatment successfully reduces acne scars, wrinkles and sun spots. This laser treats the face as well as other scarred, wrinkled or discolored areas of skin the body. Fraxel works wonders on stretch marks and pregnancy mask spots as well. Oftentimes, your hands give away your age, but Fraxel can treat your arms, wrists, hands and fingers. By restoring healthy skin, you gain a new sense of confidence through a non-invasive procedure.

Creating thousands of deep, tiny columns of microthermal treatment zones, Fraxel® is a fractional laser, providing intensive treatment to old pigment cells below the skin’s surface, without changing any of the surrounding tissue. Healing time is reduced and the skin’s natural healing process is promoted to create new, healthy tissue to replace the damaged cells.

Fraxel treatment targets aging and sun-damaged skin through targeting specific damaged tissue, then creating microscopic injuries to those targeted areas deep below the outer layer of skin. Fraxel® laser treatments accelerate the body’s natural healing process, triggering collagen production for healthy new epidermal cells.

Post-treatment downtime is minimal, as the Fraxel® penetrates beyond the non-living external layer of skin to treat lower layers. Patients experience no peeling or redness of the skin.

This restorative treatment is so gentle that even areas surrounding the eyes may be treated as well. Only the ultrasound showed that ovulation still didn’t came. Then the doctor prescribed me stimulation with Clomid. I read about it at During the treatment, I did an ultrasound very month (on the days of supposed ovulation) to check if the drug helped. Let me assure you that during the treatment with “Clomid” I always had ovulation! During the therapy, I wasn’t feeling bad: I had vertigo and bone pain. Moisturizer and makeup may be worn immediately following the Fraxel procedure, and many patients return to their normal daily activities the same or next day.

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