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10 Myths About Rejuvenation Lasers

April 15, 2021
Fredric M. Barr

Every type of technology has progressed over the last few years, and rejuvenation lasers are no exception. However, myths persist about what rejuvenation lasers are, what they do, and their capabilities. As a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Barr prides himself on educating and providing you with relevant information so that you can make the best decision for your skin and body.

1.Myth: Lasers are harmful to your health.

Lasers are considered safe because they do not use radiation and operate on a wavelength that does not penetrate deeper than your skin.

2.Myth: Lasers provide instant results.

Results and timing depend upon your individualized laser therapy plan that your medical team will create specifically for your skin and desired results

 3.Myth: Lasers aren’t effective with darker skin tones.

This myth may be true at other locations that do not offer the Sciton Joule like Palm Beach Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery does. Our lasers have settings that allow us to adjust for each individual’s skin tone. Before beginning laser therapy, our technicians will meet with you to conduct a thorough skin examination, enabling us to create an individualized plan to reach your desired results.

4.Myth: Lasers expose you to radiation.

This is one of the biggest myths we encounter daily. Lasers do not use radiation; they use light and operate in a wavelength that is considered safe. Fun fact: sunlight contains more radiation than most lasers.

 5.Myth: Lasers burn your skin.

We have all heard horror stories of people who have experienced burns due to inexperienced laser technicians and lasers they did not properly maintain. It is vital to do your research and ensure that a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Barr and his staff of experienced laser technicians conduct your laser therapy.

 6.Myth: Laser therapy is expensive.

With advances in technology, rejuvenation laser therapy is more affordable than ever. One huge piece of advice: please do not purchase laser therapy treatment from discount websites such as Groupon. These websites may not adequately vet the technicians, lasers, and treatments before advertisement.

7.Myth: Lasers can cause cancer.

Cosmetic rejuvenation lasers do not generate radiation. The wavelength is considered safe because it does not penetrate deeper than your skin. Due to their effectiveness, some medical professionals use lasers to remove skin cancers.

8.Myth: At-home lasers are just as effective.

At-home rejuvenation lasers are popping up everywhere, especially on social media and within national publications. It is important to remember that these lasers are only as effective as the operator. Remember at the beginning of COVID-19 when hair salons were closed to the public and women flocked in droves to home hair color? These women did the best they could, and some were successful, but many of us realized that hair color is best left to the professionals. The same rings true for lasers. You may see some improvement to your skin, but these lasers will not provide the same results as the medical grade, FDA-approved lasers at Palm Beach Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.

9.Myth: Laser therapy is risky.

Every procedure comes with some level of risk; however, laser therapy has advanced so much in recent years that they are much safer than you may realize. All lasers must obtain FDA approval, and with that comes numerous clinical trials. Additionally, our laser technicians have been through extensive training and have in-depth knowledge of all skin types and how they react to laser therapy.

10.Myth: Laser therapy is the same wherever you go.

We at Palm Beach Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery have the gold standard laser called the Sciton Joule, providing our patients with resurfacing, halo, and BBL. With this technology, you can achieve beautiful skin from head to toe. No two laser machines are precisely the same or maintained in the same manner. Additionally, no two laser technicians are the same. Palm Beach Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery employs professional, state-of-the-art rejuvenation lasers that are exceptionally well maintained. Our laser technicians have been through extensive training and have in-depth knowledge of all skin types and how they react to laser therapy. We will meet with you to fully understand your goals and conduct a thorough skin examination, which allows us to create a plan specialized for you to provide your desired results.

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