How to Look Younger Without Getting a Face lift

July 11, 2016 – Dr. Barr

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Refresh Your Look Instantly and Painlessly with an Awake Lift

With life moving at a record pace these days, everyone wants to look rejuvenated without the extended downtime of a traditional face lift. In Robin Berman’s case, she made it clear that she did not want to look different. “I am just hoping for a refreshed look and to preserve what I have as I continue to age,” she said.

Like many women in their fifties, Berman was not quite ready for a complete face lift. However, she was a little unhappy with the beginning stages of sagging that she was observing and wanted a lift. As a result, she was introduced to the Awake Lift procedure by Dr. Fredric Barr of the Palm Beach Plastics and Cosmetic Surgery. According to Dr. Barr, Berman was the ideal candidate.

Dr. Barr is a nationally recognized plastic surgeon and has been perfecting the Awake Lift technique for the past 30 years. The procedure has received its fair share of media coverage and kudos from satisfied clients. Dr. Barr’s ongoing education at Harvard University and Miami enhances his artistic and medical knowledge which explains the growing demand for his services on a local and national level. As a sought after plastic surgeon, it is not surprising that Barr was selected by Dr. Mehmet Oz of the popular The Dr. Oz Show to talk about under eye issues facing men and women as they age. Barr will appear on the ABC television show on July 13that 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Dr. Barr explains the Awake Lift works best for women between 30-55 who want to focus primarily on the jowl line and upper part of the neck. This innovative procedure is performed inside the office with only local anesthesia. Most patients experience minimal bruising and swelling. In fact, the patient is awake and talking during the entire procedure. “I am doing the same as I would be doing for a full lift, just less of it,” said Barr. During the procedure, Barr says he encourage his patients to take a break and have a light snack. “It blows my mind that you can eat in the middle of the procedure,” said Berman. However, patients, who are able to return home after the surgery, are cautioned to take it easy for the first 24 hours.

Concerns about aging typically begin at or after the age of thirty. By the time most women are in their fifties, they are pretty much ready to do something, however most are still apprehensive about full blown surgery.

The differences between the Awake Lift and major plastic surgery are:

  1. Local versus general anesthesia
  2. Postoperative swelling and heavy bruising
  3. Extended recovery time

The non-invasive pursuit of a refreshed look provided by the Awake Lift costs around $7,500. This innovative procedure has already begun to revolutionize the wrinkle industry.

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