What Is the Awake Lift™, and What Are Its Advantages Over a Traditional Facelift?

December 17, 2021 – Dr. Barr

What Is the Awake Lift™, and What Are Its Advantages Over a Traditional Facelift? West Palm Beach, FL | Call 561-833-4122

Rejuvenate your appearance in one sitting with the revolutionary Awake Lift™! Erase years of aging and enjoy a fresh, new look thanks to a simple outpatient procedure. At Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Fredric M. Barr, MD, FACS, has helped pioneer the Awake Lift™ as a more affordable, less invasive surgery than traditional facelifts.

Let’s discuss the Awake Lift™, its manifold benefits, and what patients can expect from it below.

What Is an Awake Lift™?

The immensely popular Awake Lift™ is a mini facelift that focuses on the lower face, jawline, and neck. Drooping skin under the chin, sagging jowls, and loose skin around the neck are the main reasons patients seek this form of cosmetic plastic surgery.

The Awake Lift™ involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the affected areas of the patient’s face and the tightening of facial muscles, specifically the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS). The result is a smoother, more well-defined face, jawline, and neck.

Benefits of the Awake Lift™

Patients choose the Awake Lift™ over a traditional facelift for a variety of reasons. Some patients may not need a full facelift. Others may not qualify for inpatient treatment. Discover some of the main benefits of choosing the Awake Lift™ for sagging skin below.

Outpatient Cosmetic Surgery

One of the primary reasons that the Awake Lift™ enjoys such immense success is the amount of time patients spend in the hospital. Unlike traditional facelifts, the Awake Lift™ is a type of outpatient cosmetic surgery, which means that patients return home on the same day of the surgery. Patients receive local anesthesia in the form of a numbing injection.

Less Invasive Facelift

Awake Lift™ patients often express relief upon learning that a mini facelift causes far less bruising and swelling than a standard facelift. Not only will this benefit allow patients to head home on the day of the surgery, but they can also return to their normal home life on the following day if they feel up to it.

Minimal Financial Investment

A mini facelift costs a mere fraction of the price of a traditional facelift. Patients can expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 and $8,000 for an Awake Lift™, whereas a standard facelift costs an average of $20,000. However, those figures may fluctuate due to several reasons. Some of the factors that impact the price of a mini facelift include:

  • Geographic location
  • Surgical experience of the doctor
  • Difficulty of the procedure
  • Estimated length of the procedure

Long-Lasting, Natural-looking Results

Because the Awake Lift™ represents their first cosmetic procedure, many patients have concerns about how long the results will last and whether they will look natural. Fortunately, the subtle improvements created by a mini facelift last for years and appear wholly organic. Patients who undergo the Awake Lift™ usually enjoy multiple compliments about their appearances without receiving all the questions accompanying other plastic surgery forms.

What to Expect from the Awake Lift™

Mentally prepare yourself for your mini facelift by learning what to expect from the Awake Lift™. Even though plastic surgery patients tend to perform more research than others, they still have plenty of questions during the lead-up to their operations. Find out what you can expect from your surgery below.

Before the Awake Lift™

Before undergoing the Awake Lift™ procedure, your doctor may suggest that you change a few behaviors to help the surgery go more smoothly. For example, your doctor will ask you to stop taking blood thinners at least two weeks before the surgery. You should also refrain from consuming alcohol in the days leading up to your operation.

During the Awake Lift™

Once treatment begins, you will receive injections of tumescent fluid, which contains epinephrine and lidocaine. Your doctor may apply additional lidocaine to ensure complete numbness of the surgical area. Once satisfied that your face is sufficiently numbed, your trained surgeon will perform the Awake Lift™.

After the Awake Lift™

Some patients feel well enough to resume light household chores on the day after their Awake Lift™. However, most patients will miss a couple of weeks of work. Make sure you follow your doctor’s skincare recommendations and take your post-surgery medications as prescribed. Your face will feel swollen and bruised, so try to limit your head and jaw movement.

A few weeks after surgery, you can begin a light exercise regimen. Six weeks removed from your procedure, you can resume all activities.

Dr. Fredric M. Barr, MD, FACS | Plastic Surgery Near Me

Take control of your appearance with the Awake Lift™ procedure! If you find yourself searching for the “Awake Lift plastic surgery near me,” call our friendly, helpful staff at Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery by dialing 561-430-2159 today!

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