The Awake Lift™ Will Refresh Your Summer Look in One Visit

June 14, 2017 – Dr. Barr

The Awake Lift™ Will Refresh Your Summer Look in One Visit, Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Highly renowned Palm Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Fredric Barr offers revolutionary facelift with maximum results and minimum discomfort.


( – June 12, 2017) West Palm Beach, FLORIDA — Clients who want a refreshed appearance without going under the knife can turn to Dr. Fredric Barr for the Awake Lift – a procedure less invasive than a traditional facelift with fantastic results.

The procedure (named specifically because the patient is awake the entire time) is performed in-office and can take up to a few hours. A local anesthetic is used to numb the face so the patient feels comfortable, awake and can carry on a conversation. Small incisions are made around the ear and sometimes the jaw, working on one side of the face at a time.

Dr. Barr says his patients find the procedure so comfortable that the experience is comparable to a trip to the dentist. In fact, the procedure is so laid back, clients are able to eat and read a magazine during breaks.

As a surgeon, it is important to Dr. Barr to ensure his patients don’t feel anxious while receiving treatments, particularly if they are new to plastic surgery and are feeling apprehensive. The Awake Lift™ is a safe and comfortable option that gets beautiful, long-lasting results with very little recovery time needed.

Mild side effects of the procedure include minimal swelling and bruising. Patients can resume most of their normal activities the next day.

Financially, the Awake Lift™ is only a fraction of the cost of a traditional facelift. The approximate cost is $7500; however, this can vary slightly depending on the patient.

Dr. Barr is a leading plastic surgeon in the Palm Beach area who has been running a successful practice for over 30 years. He offers a range of in-office procedures, including the Awake Lift™, at both his West Palm Beach and Palm Beach clinics.

For more information on the Awake Lift™ and to book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Barr, call us today at 561-430-2159.

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