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Mini Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Reduce fat and Shape the Body

For those struggling with fatty areas of the body that are resisting exercise and diet, in-office mini-liposuction can reduce these problem areas, and can be provided with local anesthesia and numbing solution. If there is some skin laxity, this can [...] Read More

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Nose Reshaping and Nasal Reconstruction Provide Facial Balance and Symmetry

Nose Reshaping or Rhinoplasty is a common procedure that not only creates a significant change in balance and symmetry of a person’s face, but also can make a world of difference in the way a person faces the world and [...] Read More

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Mini Tummy Tuck is a Mini Procedure Offering Less Drastic Option to Reduce Excess Abdominal Fat

Mini procedures such as the mini tummy tuck offer a less drastic measure for those looking for a noticeable change but who do not need an in-depth procedure such as an abdominoplasty in order to achieve their desired results. Mini [...] Read More

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Cosmetic Facial Procedures add Aesthetic Perfection for Hollywood Stars and You

With the Grammys now a few days behind us, we remain dazzled and awe-struck at the beauty aesthetic of the stars of the red carpet. So much effort is put into the outfits, the hair, makeup and skincare. With a [...] Read More