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5 Biggest Changes to Expect After Explanting | West Palm Beach

5 Biggest Changes to Expect After Explanting

Women decide to remove their breast implants—a procedure called breast explant surgery or total en bloc capsulectomy—for several reasons. Some experience symptoms of Breast Implant Illness. Others feel pain due to capsular contracture or simply think that their implants no [...] Read More

Breast Explant Solution Group on FB | Palm Beach Plastic Surgery

Breast Explant Solution Group by Dr. Fredric Barr Is an Excellent Resource for Women Seeking Support and Information on Breast Implant Illness

If you’re considering a breast explant procedure, you’re not alone. Thousands of women across the country suffer in silence due to the negative stigma surrounding breast explantation. However, women report a negative effect from their breast implants that only grow [...] Read More

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WPBF Script from video story:

WPBF Script from video story: Doctors say they are seeing an increase in women asking to have their breast implants removed. This comes one month after the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about a rare and deadly cancer [...] Read More

Lose Ten Years From Your Face

Lose Ten Years From Your Face on Your Lunch Break: How a Mini Eyelift Can Instantly Rejuvenate You This Fall

The First Signs of Aging Are in Your Eyes Factors such as genetics, sun exposure and lifestyle choices (i.e. smoking) can cause the skin to lose elasticity slowly over time. Because the skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, signs [...] Read More

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The Newest Trends in Cosmetic Surgery: Ear and Nose Reshaping

Cosmetic surgery is a continuously evolving field that strives to help those who seek professional help to look and feel their best. Although trends may come and go, subtle enhancement of your natural physical attributes never goes out of style. [...] Read More