Survey Reveals How Americans Really View Aging

July 2, 2014 – Dr. Barr

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With the Fourth of July weekend around the corner, we can’t help but think about all things America, and for us, that means all things beauty– American beauty. We recalled a telling infographic highlighting the way Americans really view aging by asking men and women various questions that reveal what the most popular and least expensive plastic surgery procedures, what our society believes the definition of beauty is, how women and men feel about the physical signs of aging and more.

Not surprisingly, 56 percent of women and 34 percent of men reported feeling worried about the physical effects of aging. In line with these sentiments, 42 percent of women said that they would undergo plastic surgery or opt for less-invasive injections to fight the signs of aging, while only 18 percent of men considered it an option.

How do you feel about aging and choosing plastic surgery to mitigate the physical signs of getting older? Tell us in the Comments section below!

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