Selfie-Help: Are Social Media Filters and Selfie Apps Setting You Up For Unrealistic Expectations?

February 7, 2019 – Dr. Barr

Selfie-Help: Are Social Media Filters and Selfie Apps Setting You Up For Unrealistic Expectations?


It’s a timeless conundrum: if you’re human, it’s in your nature to want to look your best. So, of course, we understand your desire to feel confident in your own skin and live up to contemporary society’s image of “perfection.”

And while standards of beauty have evolved since the debut of the Mona Lisa, in today’s age of advanced technology and social media “highlight reels,” there’s even greater pressure to conform. Back in the day, airbrushed supermodels like Cindy Crawford graced fashion magazine covers and represented the ideal…supported by a team of professional makeup artists and photographers who helped create the magic. Fast forward to 2006: Kim Kardashian came along and transformed her looks before our eyes — shattering the “taboo” of plastic surgery for millennials and attracting an influential social media following.

But now, everyone can achieve that “airbrushed” look on their own — to a hyper-unrealistic extreme — with social media filters and selfie apps right at their fingertips on their smartphone.

Don’t like the bump on your nose? There’s an app for that. Is the annoying zit on your cheek ruining your profile picture? There’s a filter for that.

With hundreds of filter apps to choose from, is it any wonder so many people set themselves up for unrealistic expectations? Or feel awful when they wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and realize that the young woman staring back at them looks nothing like the one in the photo they posted to their Instagram account the night before?

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. We’re not judging you for wanting to plump your lips, smooth your 11s, and get rid of the bump on your nose; we’re just saying there’s a much better way to go about it. What if we told you it’s possible to enhance your beauty and still look “perfectly” natural?

Watch the video below featuring Dr. Barr and enthusiastic patient Maria, recently featured on News Channel 25 WPBF.

Because at Palm Beach Plastic Surgery, Dr. Barr and his staff provide real results that exceed expectations…and we can do the same for you. Dr. Barr’s 5-star, 35-year practice includes nearly 7,000 satisfied patients who love our philosophy of enhanced natural beauty and our individualized approach to patient care.*

But don’t take our word for it. Read what a few of them have to say below:

“If 10 stars were available, my score would be 10! My total experience with Dr. Barr and his staff was amazing. I felt totally at ease and confident my procedure would be all I wanted and my results have exceeded my expectations!” – Gale S.

“Dr. Barr is dedicated to improving the appearance of his patients, and does so with great skill and welcome patience. He seems to have an understanding of each individual’s expectations and works very hard to fulfill those expectations.” – Dorothy H.

“Dr. Barr is an amazing surgeon with decades of experience behind him. He is warm, caring, and truthful. I felt very confident having my procedure with him and the results were superb. His staff is friendly and welcoming, very down-to-earth. I recommend Dr. Barr 100%!” – Janice S.

Ready to look like YOU, only BETTER?

Put your best face forward…

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*Results may vary. For medically appropriate patients.

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