The Best Kept Secret for Youthful Earlobes – Rejuvenation in Just 15 Minutes

August 12, 2015 – Dr. Barr

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How to Rejuvenate Your Earlobes in Just 15 minutes

Aging or prolonged wear of heavy earrings can give your earlobes a sagging and tired look. But now Dr. Fredric Barr at Palm Beach Plastic Surgery can easily rejuvenate and plump your earlobes with a nonsurgical procedure that is both safe and affordable. Restylane® Silk injections will bring back that youthful look to your earlobes and will allow you to wear earrings once again.

Restylane® Silk is one of the latest injectable cosmetic fillers helping Americans look young again. The hyaluronic filler contains hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body, and is used to fix mild to moderate imperfections in the Aging can cause the earlobes to become thin, asymmetrical and elongated. Wearing heavy earrings can accelerate this effect and in some cases, wearing earrings is no longer possible. Injecting Restylane® Silk into several areas of the earlobe will plump them up and create a smooth look. It can also correct uneven piercing holes. The result is rejuvenated earlobes.

The clear gel is injected by a thin needle and is a relatively painless procedure. It usually only takes about 15 minutes and has mild side effects such as redness, swelling, bruising and tenderness, which only last a few days. Results are immediate and last up to 6 months.

Dr. Barr’s Restylane®   Silk non-surgical earlobe rejuvenation is a simple procedure that is light on the wallet. If you are considering Restylane®   Silk injections and would like more information about the procedure, contact the professionals at Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery.

Headed by Fredric M. Barr, MD, Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is one of the finest providers of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Palm Beach County, Florida.

With a successful track record for over twenty years in the area, Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is the surgical specialist that even physicians choose. The practice believes in three basic patient principles of understanding the unique needs of each patient, providing each patient with the utmost care and compassion, and making sure no question or issue goes unaddressed. It is for those reasons, along with the extensive skills and experience of Dr. Barr, that Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is a premier choice for those desiring to be renewed in both beauty and spirit. When it’s time to look anew, look to Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. With offices conveniently located in West Palm Beach, call today (561) 430-2183.

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