Mini Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Reduce fat and Shape the Body

February 26, 2010 – Dr. Barr

Mini Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Reduce fat in Palm Beach, FL

For those struggling with fatty areas of the body that are resisting exercise and diet, in-office mini-liposuction can reduce these problem areas, and can be provided with local anesthesia and numbing solution. If there is some skin laxity, this can be reduced with the Alma Laser. For more drastic change, excess skin is removed surgically, which can be performed with local injection numbing solution or anesthesia.

Oftentimes, no pills, IVs or hospital stay is needed for mini-liposuction procedures. Small incisions and small caliber liposuction canulas the areas of the neck, breasts, arms, flanks, back, tummy, thighs and other problematic areas. Mini-liposuction procedures can reshape your ankles, thighs, hips and more.

Following the mini-liposuction procedure, minimal discomfort is experienced, and patients are encouraged to resume their normal routines and activities following the procedure.

For patients with greater amounts of fat deposits in multiple areas of the body, full liposuction can be performed in our adjoining ouotpatient surgery hospitalil unit.

This type of body procedure is most effective for patients with good muscle tone and good skin. Muscle weakness and excess skin cannot be corrected with just liposuction. Exercise plays an integral part in your final procedure results. View our liposuction before and after image gallery.

Excess skin below the navel can be minimized through a mini-tummy tuck procedure. This procedure is performed with local anesthesia in the office, using numbing solution injectionss. Excess skin is removed and the muscle below the belly button is tightened through a less noticeable incision than what is used for a full tummy tuck.

After a mini-tummy tuck, a mini liposuction may be performed in combination, further shaping the lower abdominal region. A full tummy tuck body procedure treats the abdominal area from lower ribs to above the pubic bone, and is performed in our adjoining hospital outpatient surgery unit.

Liposuction of love handles and the back, thighs and hips can be performed in addition to a tummy tuck to further enhance the body’s appearance. View our tummy tuck before and after image gallery.

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