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What Is Voluma?

Because of its effectiveness, Voluma has fast become one of the best and most popular procedures among the older population. It’s designed to combat the signs of aging by adding volume underneath the skin to contour and lift the cheek area. How so? Well, because it is an injectable gel, it can easily be injected deep into the cheek. Voluma has been approved by the FDA to combat age-related wrinkles and volume loss around the cheek area.

The gel itself contains hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring chemical in the skin that is responsible for giving cheeks their plump, youthful appearance. Like many skin components, HA levels decrease over time, leading to hollow-looking, sagging cheeks. Genetics and environmental factors can also play a role in decreased levels of HA.

How Is Voluma Different from Other Fillers?

Voluma stands out from other fillers because it is specifically designed to treat the cheek area, while many others are only designed to treat smile lines. Additionally, Voluma’s injectable gel has lidocaine in it, which is a local anesthetic, so the procedure itself isn’t painful. Also, unlike a full-blown facelift, Voluma creates a subtler lift and can last for two years or longer, depending on the individual.

Voluma has earned its vast popularity because it is effective and the overall procedure is relatively quick. Approved for people over the age of 21, a Voluma Filler procedure can take as little as 30 minutes, leaving a patient with a youthful-looking face.

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