The Secret to Non-Surgical “Nose Job”: How to Safely Correct Your Nose in Under 30 Minutes

July 20, 2015 – Dr. Barr

Nose Reshaping and Nasal Reconstruction Provide Facial Balance and Symmetry
Nose Reshaping and Nasal Reconstruction Provide Facial Balance and Symmetry

Have you always wanted to correct your nose but thought having a complete nose job was the only way to achieve it? Now there is an alternative way to safely augment your appearance in less than 30 minutes. A non-surgical procedure using Restylane Silk®, the latest injectable cosmetic filler, is a safe and easy alternative to conventional rhinoplasty and will not hit your wallet as hard either.

Restylane Silk® is a hyaluronic filler used to fix mild to moderate imperfections in the shape of the nose. The clear gel is injected by a thin needle, filling in lines and wrinkles. In some cases to artistry of Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery’s, Dr. Fredric Barr, can be injected into specific areas of the nose to give a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Curves and asymmetries of the nose can be straightened, bumps smoothed out, and the tip of the nose can be reshaped.

This relatively pain-free procedure only lasts about 15 minutes, and patients experience no downtime afterwards. Side effects such as redness, swelling, bruising and tenderness are minimal, and usually only last 1-2 days after the procedure.  Since hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body, there is little chance of an allergic reaction to the filler. Results typically last about 6 months.

Dr. Barr’s Restylane Silk® non-surgical nose job is a simple and affordable procedure that can help you achieve the striking appearance you are looking for. If you are considering Restylane Silk® injections and would like more information about the procedure, contact the professionals at Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Call Today for your FREE consultation, 561-430-2183.

Headed by Fredric M. Barr, MD, Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is one of the finest providers of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Palm Beach County, Florida. With a successful track record for over twenty years in the area, Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is the surgical specialist that even physicians choose. The practice believes in three basic patient principles of understanding the unique needs of each patient, providing each patient with the utmost care and compassion, and making sure no question or issue goes unaddressed. It is for those reasons, along with the extensive skills and experience of Dr. Barr, that Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is a premier choice for those desiring to be renewed in both beauty and spirit. When it’s time to look anew, look to Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. With offices conveniently located in West Palm Beach, call today at (561) 430-2183.

Non-surgical nose job West Palm Beach.

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