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Dr. Frederic Barr Says Plastic Surgery on the Rise Globally

May 11, 2011
Fredric M. Barr

aIn a series of recent blogs we’ve established that plastic surgery is on the rise among American men, brides and teens. So, what is the interest around the rest of the world? As more and more people are opting for a nip and tuck here and there, markets around the globe are also seizing the day—and India is leading the pack.

As Asia’s third-largest economy, India has surpassed Thailand, which has long been recognized as Asia’s plastic surgery haven, in cosmetic procedures by a ratio of 14 to 1. Hospitals across India are creating specialty clinics focused on the plastic surgery market, with a unique emphasis. They are marketing on travel websites in 53 different languages in hopes of capturing a large chunk of the $36 billion a year industry through cosmedical tourism.

“My patients are housewives, students, businessmen, entertainers and they come from the U.S., U.K., Europe and Africa,” said plastic surgeon Dr. Ayyappan Thangavel to CNBC. “About 80 percent of these foreign patients come for cosmetic reasons and only 20 percent for reconstructive procedures.”

India plans to become a plastic surgery vacation destination, attracting tourists with lower prices and an increasing number of certified cosmetic surgeons. Their biggest competition? The U.S. America is the largest market for plastic and cosmetic surgery, expected to bring in over $17 billion by 2015, states a report by Global Industry Analysts, one of the world’s largest market research agencies. In a similar study, India was ranked fourth—and they expect to continue climbing the charts as cosmedical tourism takes root worldwide.

One of the reasons the U.S. is the undisputed leader in plastic and cosmetic surgery is because of professional and top-educated surgeons. Dr. Frederic Barr of Palm Beach Plastic Surgery is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice for over two decades. Offering everything from reconstructive surgery to cosmetic procedures like Botox and facelifts, Palm Beach Plastic Surgery is the premier spot for plastic surgery in West Palm Beach. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call today at 561-430-2229.

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