Cosmetic Facial Procedures add Aesthetic Perfection for Hollywood Stars and You

February 3, 2010 – Dr. Barr

Cosmetic Facial Procedures add Aesthetic Perfection for Hollywood Stars and You

With the Grammys now a few days behind us, we remain dazzled and awe-struck at the beauty aesthetic of the stars of the red carpet. So much effort is put into the outfits, the hair, makeup and skincare. With a number of tricks of the trade in the beauty industry, an increase in cosmetic facial procedures exist to help the stars and anyone else portray a youthful, glowing face.

To stop deep creases in their tracks, Botox procedures and Dysport procedures work wonders, temporarily reducing fine lines around the eye area and on the forehead. Not only can Botox or Dysport reduce wrinkles, they are useful for treatment of excessive sweating on hands, feet and underarms. No allergy test is necessary, but treatments of either Botox or Dysport are strongly advised against for women who are pregnant or nursing, or who suffer from neuro-muscular disorders.

Please view our Botox procedures gallery to see Botox before and after images.

Besides Botox or Dysport facial procedures for wrinkle reduction and wrinkle prevention, another solution for wrinkle reduction is in the form of fillers, which plump out creases and wrinkles to meet the level of surrounding skin, making wrinkles and deep creases disappear.

Filler procedures provide temporary results lasting from six to 12 months, and can further enhance cosmetic facial procedures such as a mini-lift or laser resurfacing. Fillers such as Juviderm, Restylane, and Perlane are FDA-approved sugar-based injectables with a consistent, safe track record in the cosmetic world, and require no prior allergy testing. Filler injections help reduce deep lines and creases around the mouth, fill out hollows under the eye areas, and also help balance out nasal irregularities.

Please view our fillers procedures gallery for filler before and after images.

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