Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Fredric Barr Featured in the Palm Beach Post

August 31, 2010 – Dr. Barr

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Fredric Barr Featured in the Palm Beach Post in Florida

The Palm Beach Post published an article on Monday, August 30, entitled, “Breast reduction: The other ‘boob’ job” about young women who seek breast reductions. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 113,000 women underwent breast reduction surgery last year, up 137% since 1997. The surgery is on the rise for women who wish to reduce the size of their breasts to reduce back and shoulder pain, better fit into their clothes, and work out and jog comfortably without feeling self-conscious.

Dr. Fredric Barr of Palm Beach Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery was quoted in the article describing the breast reduction surgery procedure. Breast reduction combines both removal of excess breast gland and fat volume, as well as lifting of sagging skin and repositioning nipples. Neck, shoulder and back pain may be lessened in some patients after breast reduction surgery. Breast feeding is usually unaffected after either breast lift or reduction, but has potential for scarring.

Carla Pisani says her scars have all but disappeared since she had her breasts reduced 19 years ago at the age of 30. Dr. Barr performed a breast reduction for Carla Pisani, who now works for her surgeon and sometimes finds herself counseling young women seeking the same surgery. Carla visited five doctors before meeting Dr. Barr, who put her at ease about the huge step she was about to take. “Dr. Barr was very, very, very careful to explain that scarring could be permanent, it could be red or lumpy. That this was serious surgery. We met three different times to talk about it. It was a really big step,” says Carla.

Today, Carla says her only regret is not getting the surgery earlier. “I wish I would’ve done it when I was 19. It would’ve saved so much anguish, so much emotional stress,” she says.

See breast reduction before and after images here. For more information, contact Palm Beach Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.

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