5 Results You Didn’t Know You Could Achieve with Injectables

January 27, 2020 – Dr. Barr

5 Results You Didn’t Know You Could Achieve with Injectables

Love the idea of reshaping your face, but hate the idea of surgery? You’re not alone. 

As revealed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 2018 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report, the demand for minimally invasive procedures has grown to 163% between the years 2000 and 2018. That means a significant number of patients who want to put their best face forward have opted for non-surgical procedures. We understand. For many of our patients, the prospect of “going under the knife” and assuming the risks and inconveniences associated with surgical procedures – from anesthesia to recovery time – is not exactly enticing. 

But can injectables really offer the results you want without surgery? 


Here are 5 results you didn’t know you could achieve with injectables and the ways in which they can improve and enhance the specific facial features that may be affecting your confidence and your quality of life.

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1. Injectables Can Plump Up Your Ear Lobes

As we age, our ears shrivel up. Like other body parts, they can droop, deflate, and develop folds that give them the appearance of collapsing. For many women, it can even become difficult to wear earrings — especially if they have pierced ears. Why? The hole through which the earring post slides into place stretches and gets pulled down with the weight of a woman’s earrings over time. The heavier the earrings, the worse the effect on the earlobes. And if you’re a mom, grandmom, aunt, or just someone who loves spending time around little kids, chances are you’ve had your earlobes pulled on more than once. But droopy earlobes don’t affect older women exclusively: even millennials can experience shriveling earlobes if they wear gauge earrings on a continual basis. In some cases, patients have sought our help after they’ve unsuccessfully added a second piercing to their earlobes, in a futile effort to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, a second piercing exacerbates it. 

The good news? 

With an injection, we can restore your earlobes to their youthful appearance so you can enjoy wearing earrings again.

2. Injectables Can Recreate the Shape of Your Nose 

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Not so long ago, if you wanted to restructure your nose, your only option was rhinoplasty, a surgical operation colloquially referred to as a “nose job.” Today, however, you can remove curves, bumps, lumps, and other imperfections with injectables, in a simple in-office procedure many satisfied patients have dubbed “the lunchtime nose job.” In a simple, in-office procedure, injectables can transform the look of your nose and send you back to work with renewed confidence.  How do you know if you’re an ideal candidate for a nose restructuring with injectables? If you have a pronounced bump on the bridge of your nose, a droopy tip, or a slightly crooked nose, injectables can create the illusion of a straight nose, fill out your nose tip, and correct sharp angles.

3. Injectables Can Give You a Stronger Jowl Line

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Injectables can give you a stronger jowl line and better definition in the chin. With the different products, you can attain a more youthful appearance and a more balanced profile, with fewer risks and less downtime.

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4. Injectables Can Improve the Appearance of Your Chin

Our chins determine our facial shape. That means, a short chin can give your face the appearance of being round, even if the rest of your face stays the same. With fillers, we can elongate the chin to create an equal distance between your brow and your nose, and your nose and your chin, creating the illusion of a beauty ideal — the oval-shaped face. Once the swelling resolves spontaneously within a few days to two weeks, you’ll gaze in the mirror to see the best version of yourself, with no side effects, hassles, or downtimes of surgery.

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5. Injectables Can Fill Acne Scars 

Have you dealt with cystic acne in your chin during your teens or even as an adult? If you have, you probably already know it is the most serious type of acne. Caused by a multitude of factors, including oily skin, it’s typically more of a problem for teens, women, and older adults struggling with hormonal imbalances. Even after it clears up for good it tends to leave behind embarrassing scars. The great news? You do not have to live with pitted acne scars for the rest of your life. With a dermal filler, we can fill in your acne scars to create a softer and more natural appearance – no surgery or general anesthesia required. 

Now that you know about the amazing results you can experience with injectables, don’t wait any longer to put your best face forward. If you’re ready to look like you, only better, call our office for details at (561) 537-3522.

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