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Not every woman is dealing with BII or with an implant-induced immune-deficiency problem. However, hundreds of thousands of women of all ages, with different types of implants, struggle with its symptoms. Download FREE BII E-Course

The Choice To Remove Breast Implants Is Yours!

If you are suffering from what you believe could be Breast Implant Illness, or if you would like to remove your breast implants as a precautionary measure, call us today at (561) 430-2690 to schedule a free consultation with patient counselor Carla Pisani. Regardless of any definitive scientific conclusions that may be reached in the future, women report adverse effects on their bodies from their breast implants. Their concerns deserve to be acknowledged. Renowned Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon Dr. Fredric Barr is an advocate for his female patients. He often performs a Total Capsulectomy to remove implants and surrounding scar tissue, in the hope of freeing these women from their debilitating symptoms. Cindy, one of Dr. Barr’s patients, experienced amazing results in a short period of time after having her implants removed. Through education and support, Dr. Barr endeavors to empower women to make an informed decision. The choice to undergo any type of surgery always comes with risks and benefits. That is why it is essential for surgeons to listen fully to their patients and help guide them in making these most personal choices. As Dr. Barr notes, “Once patients have the basic knowledge of their options, it is completely their choice as to how they want to proceed.” Dr. Barr’s philosophy of treatment focuses on overcoming illness and fear and living the solution. “Whether medical studies prove it or not, some women are experiencing illness,” Dr. Barr explains. “It is my job to listen to patients and provide them with safe and informed solutions to the issues they are experiencing.” Symptomatic or not, Dr. Barr believes in informing and encouraging women to choose what they feel would be best for their own personal health.

Use The Sign-up Form On This Page To Start Your E-course

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