Volbella is an injectable form of hyaluronic acid  that is also found in the human body.  Since Juvederm received its initial approval by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in 1989 as a treatment for eye muscle disorders, it has gained significant recognition and approval for a number of other uses.  The unique advantages that Juvederm’s Volbella XC has over other similar dermal fillers has made it a highly sought after facial rejuvenation procedure by both men and women.

The patented “Vycross” technology in Volbella has been shown in clinical studies to provide greater lift capacity  in the face with longer lasting results.  However, the best news about Volbella for some, is that it is applauded by plastic surgeons as a safe and effective procedure that produces immediate results.

How Volbella XC Works
Volbella is injected into the lips or area being treated by a certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. An outstanding benefit of  Volbella is its ability to diffuse more evenly than other fillers under the skin. As a result, it works by increasing volume and restoring a more natural symmetry to the face.

The Volbella formula is designed to minimize swelling and increase the comfort level of patients during a short, thirty-minute procedure. To reduce discomfort, Volbella is premixed with a local anesthetic.  Normal activities can be resumed immediately after the procedure and if desired, makeup can also be applied on the treated areas. In addition, a single treatment has been shown to last up to 12 months for some patients.

Potential Side Effects
Most plastic surgeons agree that it is in rare cases that patients experience problems after a Volbella XC procedure. Although rare, the most commonly reported side effect include swelling, uneven distribution of the gel or subdermal lumps. The safety quotient of this product is so high, however, that misuse of Volbella is more likely to cause a negative effect than the treatment itself. As such, it is important to be selective about the service provider you choose to administer this treatment. And, by adhering to the post-Volbella XC treatment instructions provided by your doctor, you can help to ensure that the procedure is not only successful but requires little follow-up care.

To learn more about Juvederm Volbella XC and whether you are a suitable candidate for this treatment consult with a reputable board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Fredric Barr of Palm Beach Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is certified by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board for Plastic Surgery. With over 25 years in private practice in West Palm Beach, Dr. Barr is experienced, patient, and ready to answer all your questions regarding  surgical  and nonsurgical procedures.

With over 25 years in private practice in West Palm Beach, Dr. Barr is experienced, patient, and ready to answer all your questions regarding surgical and nonsurgical procedures by calling (561) 833-4122.