tummyThe tummy tuck procedure starts with an incision above the pubic hair that goes from hip to hip. This will be a little shorter if there is not much skin and fat to remove, and it will be longer if there is more extra tissue.

The skin and soft tissue is lifted up off your abdominal muscles all the way to your ribs (the skin is cut around your belly button so it stays attached to your muscles the whole time). Stitches are used to tighten and shape the abdominal muscles to narrow the waist and make the stomach flatter.

Next, the skin is stretched back down and all of the extra tissue is removed. The final step of the tummy tuck is to make a new hole for the belly button. When there is not enough skin above the belly button to stretch back down, there will be a small vertical incision just above the pubic hair (where the belly button was cut out).


Dr. Barr Explains Tummy Tuck Procedure

Individual results may vary**

Tummy Tuck Before and After Photos

Tummy Tuck Before and After Photos

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