Considering a Mini Facelift (aka Band Aid Lift)?

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About Our Mini Facelifts (Band Aid Lift)

  • Local anesthesia only (quick, simple numbing injection)
  • Fraction of the investment of traditional lift (affordable)
  • Creates long lasting results
  • Safely performed in the office (in and out faster)
  • Limited bruising, swelling, recovery (minimal downtime)
  • Resume your lifestyle & most normal activities the next day
  • Popular for both healthy men and women of all ages

More About The Mini Facelift / Band Aid Lift

Our in-office mini facelift is called a band aid face lift because of how fast and minimally invasive the procedure is. It is very similar to the lifestyle lift concept. The goal to improve sagging jowls and the jaw line by removing excess skin and fat (if applicable), along with tightening of the muscle covering (SMAS layer).

The mini facelift is often combined with the other “mini” procedures (i.e. mini cheek, mini neck, mini eyelid and/or mini brow procedures) to address all areas of patient concern.

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