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As we age it gets more difficult to conceal the imperfections  on our face. Wrinkles, discoloration and sagging skin continue to progress, reaching a point where cosmetics and creams are no longer effective.

With the facial surgical enhancements offered at Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery  in West Palm Beach, you can continue to fight the effects of aging, as well as, improve the damage from the sun and other environmental exposures.

At Palm Beach Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery we provide a comprehensive selection of Facial plastic surgery procedures performed in our West Palm Beach Plastic Surgery Suite.


Plastic Surgery Facial Procedures  in West Palm Beach, Florida


Face Lift

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, creates a tauter, more youthful appearance in your face. More

Neck Lift

Excessive neck skin, fat and/or muscle that begin to separate and hang, creating “bands” can be improved though an incision made under the chin, this is a neck lift. More

Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

The mini-brow procedure is most effective to improve lateral brow droop and reposition the eyebrow.  More

Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

The region around the eyes are one of the major areas affected by facial aging. With eyelid  surgery, you can “turn back the clock” and recapture a firmer, more youthful look.  More

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

Nose reshaping (sometimes referred to as a “nose job” or its medical term, “rhinoplasty”) can enhance your facial features by modifying the shape of your nose.  More

Nasal Reconstruction, Cancer

The art of Nasal Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is especially important when considering facial reconstruction-especially with the nose. The goal of nasal reconstruction is to provide as normal an appearance as possible.  More

Ear Reshaping/Ear Pinning (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty, commonly known as Ear Reshaping or Ear Pinning, is usually done for  protruding and/or malpostitioned ear(s).  More

Cleft Lip Repair

Congenital cleft lip/cleft palate are due to a variety of causes, and fortunately, the treatment for same has become very much standardized after significant contributions from different medical specialties.  More

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