As with the mini-lifeye lift procedure for aging wowment procedures, eyelid procedures can safely be performed in the office with local anesthesia (numbing solution injections) only, although our adjoining hospital outpatient surgery unit is also available.

Lower eyelid surgery improves fatty bulges, skin excess, wrinkles, discoloration or combinations. Skin lasers and fillers can also be combined with lower eyelid lifts to further enhance lid appearance.

Upper lid procedures will improve excess eyelid skin and fat, however, the brow should also be evaluated as it can contribute to the appearance of upper eyelid aging.

An additional procedure through the upper eyelid incision (“canthopexy”) can also be performed to further improve the aging lower eyelid drooping appearance.


Eyelid Lift Before and After Photos

Blepharoplasty Upper lid Surgery

Blepharoplasty Upper lid Surgery 2