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Palm Beach Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Celebrates International Women’s Day by Giving Away a Mini RHA® Makeover

In March, Palm Beach Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery ran a promotion for International Women's Day - a contest in which the prize was a mini RHA® makeover for a lucky lady. To qualify, someone else had to nominate the woman [...] Read More

10 Myths About Rejuvenation Lasers | Palm Beach Plastic Surgery

10 Myths About Rejuvenation Lasers

Every type of technology has progressed over the last few years, and rejuvenation lasers are no exception. However, myths persist about what rejuvenation lasers are, what they do, and their capabilities. As a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Barr prides himself [...] Read More

Social Media Filters and Selfie Apps

Selfie-Help: Are Social Media Filters and Selfie Apps Setting You Up For Unrealistic Expectations?

It’s a timeless conundrum: if you’re human, it’s in your nature to want to look your best. So, of course, we understand your desire to feel confident in your own skin and live up to contemporary society’s image of “perfection.” [...] Read More

Less Is More – Why Plastic Surgery Should Never Be Obvious

Most women and men seek plastic surgery because they want to look younger and refreshed while still looking like themselves. In fact, some are afraid it will be obvious they’ve had plastic surgery and end up looking fake – do [...] Read More

How Well Do You Know Your Plastic Surgeon?

Researchers at NBC 6 are warning viewers not to be fooled by savvy online advertising and websites for plastic surgery, particularly when it comes to the qualifications of the doctors performing the surgeries. Dan Krauth is an NBC 6 investigator [...] Read More