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I have never felt sexier!’ Baywatch star Gena Lee Nolin, 50, proudly shows off results of ‘silent face lift’ – months after revealing she was ready to undergo plastic surgery for the first time.

The silent face lift is an 'age reversing procedure' designed to improve face and neck sagging and restore a more youthful and refreshed appearance in your skin It is 'less invasive' than a traditional facelift, offering 'shorter recovery times, fewer [...] Read More

Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Mini Facelift

Would you like to look and feel 10 years younger? Are you tired of having to make routine visits for face fillers every month? Have you considered have a facelift but are concerned about the downtime? Well, you may want [...] Read More

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Eyebrow Lift, Forehead Lift, Facelift and Mini-Facelift Provide a Number of Options for Your Desired Results

There are a number of specialized facial procedures for correction of the effects of aging. Facial procedures are not a “one-size-fits-all” procedure, they are specialized for your skin, muscle and bone structure, and personally tailored to what your desired results [...] Read More