injectables west palm beach

Injectable Cosmetic Surgery procedures for a new youthful look are available for you in our West Palm Beach or Palm Beach Gardens Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Centers.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections

Safe and effective BOTOX® Cosmetic works wonderfully well to temporarily reduce lines around, between and above the eyes (forehead). More

JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gels, including: JUVÉDERM® XC and JUVÉDERM Voluma®

These sugar based FDA approved injectables  also have consistent safety track record and don’t require allergy testing. They are indicated for reducing deep lines around the mouth, and can further enhance fullness and contour of lips, cheeks, under eye hollows, and nasal irregularities. More


Volbella is an injectable form of hyaluronic acid that is also found in the human body. Since Juvederm received its initial approval by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in 1989 as a treatment for eye muscle disorders, it has gained significant recognition and approval for a number of other uses. More


It’s common for people to begin noticing wrinkles and fine lines on their faces over time. It’s also common for the cheek area to begin losing its youthful appearance and volume with age. More…

Kybella® Injections

Kybella® is the first and only FDA-approved injectable that is used to reduce moderate to severe submental fat – more commonly known as a “double chin” – and to tighten and define the neckline. Kybella® is a formula that contains deoxycholic acid, a substance that is naturally produced in the body to break down and reabsorb dietary fat. More…